What is EL Learning?

Expeditionary Learning challenges students to become more than they thought possible.

    Knowledge & Skills

    Students demonstrate a deep understanding and mastery of the materials and can apply their knowledge to everyday situations.

    Build strong Character

    Students develop the ability to successfully navigate school and life as they stand up for what is right and work to improve communities.


    High quality Student work

    Students become original thinkers, able to appreciate multiple perspectives and transfer their learning beyond the schoolwork. 

    Dig Deeper

    Visit EL Education, our chartering organization, to learn more.


    Community Partners

    September 4th, 2018 the District 70 Board of Education unanimously approved Villa Bella Expeditionary for a Fall 2019 opening.

    We are also proud to announce our partnership with Colorado State University- Pueblo. CSU-Pueblo has agreed to a formal partnership with Villa Bella Expeditionary. This partnership will allow VBE students access to CSU-Pueblo recreation facilities, cutting edge research, and CSU-Pueblo student teachers.

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