Accepting Students in Grades K through 3rd

Adding 4th grade in 2021 and 5th grade in 2022

Classes begin Fall 2019

Official enrollment for 2019-2020 is open through Pueblo District 70

To improve your experience during the enrollment process please have ready for digital upload*:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Proof of residency
  3. Most recent report card
  4. Immunization records

Additional required information:

  1. Student personal information (legal name, DOB, address)
  2. Parent/Guardian information (names, address, contact information)
  3. Emergency contacts’ names and contact information
  4. Student health history, medication list, and health insurance

*If your are unable to provide digital copies please contact office@villabellaschool.org to make other arrangements.

Complete Enrollment

Future Enrollment at Villa Bella Expeditionary School

Enrollment is determined by building capacity and available financial support.

The order of priority is as follows:

  1. Currently enrolled students.
  2. Siblings of currently enrolled students.
  3. Wait-listed students (starting in 2021-2022)

Parents wishing their child(ren) to attend Villa Bella Expeditionary School may place their student on the waiting list anytime during the year for the current year, as well as the upcoming year.

Enrollment for 2020 and beyond is handled through the Villa Bella Expeditionary School office. You can contact the office at 719-369-6307 or office@villabellaschool.org

Join the Wait List

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