K-8 Learning in a challenging & Safe Environment

Free Public Charter School • Project-Based Learning • Rigorous Curriculum
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Inspire a Lifelong Love of Learning

Villa Bella Expeditionary School provides an interactive, engaging learning environment that ignites students’ interest and propels their achievement.

Character development

A school culture rooted in social emotional growth

Empowering Learning

Helping students discover the joy of learning

Collaboration & Teamwork

Working together as a crew of students, staff, families and the greater Pueblo community

EL Learning is Less Lecture, More Doing

Fieldwork and hands-on experiences
Presentations from subject matter experts
Active exploration of real-world problems
Individualized instruction
Meets Colorado and Common Core standards
Prepares students with a lifelong love of learning

What is Expeditionary Learning?

Deep Learning

An expeditionary learning school (EL) relies on long-term investigations of important questions and subjects. We call these expeditions. Each expedition last one semester and integrates Colorado state standards across all subject areas.

Challenging Curriculum

Academic rigor and character development are built into everyday activities and learning. Students develop the curiosity, skills and knowledge to continue to grow academically and become community leaders.

Ongoing Professional Development

Tapping into the EL education support network, Villa Bella staff will receive weekly support and training. Based on the specific needs of our school and students our staff will be ready to challenge and inspire students at all levels.

Safe, Supportive Environment

Safe from the outside in. Our state of the art building is designed to provide a physically safe place to learn. Our supportive community –administrators, teachers and parents– is committed to social & emotional growth and development, challenging students when ready and supporting when needed.



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