Teacher Coaching with Google Forms: Logan Gogarty

This is a short screen recording of how the VBE leadership team uses Google Forms to capture walkthrough data and share specific information with teachers. Google forms are completely customizable and do a great job at capturing information that is clearly summarized and presented. The information from the summary section is what we use to determine targeted professional development. Here is a sample google walkthrough form. Please make a copy so other people can access the original.


  1. Stephanie

    Can I please get a copy of this google observation form?

    • Logan Gogarty

      Copy has been sent!

  2. Logan Gogarty

    Hey everyone! I added a link in the video description that has a sample google form. This is just one of many forms we have created for a walkthrough. As I mentioned in the video, once we reach 80% proficiency in all sections we then hold a PD that focuses on new skills and create a new walkthrough of what we are looking for and track progress towards those new metrics.


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